How to get your best deal on appliances

We have been living in the Forever Home for just over a month now, and just after we moved in our laptop took a turn for the worse and blogging on an iPad is zero fun so I haven't had a chance to update you on some fun things that have been going on around here!

Appliance shopping can be one of the most stressful, decision-making situations when being a home owner. The costs of appliances are usually very high and with all of the different options they have with newer technology it can become very confusing.

After living in the new home for two days I started shopping for a washer and dryer. We desperately needed it before the end of the week since our clean clothes options were becoming slim.

I spotted this Samsung duo in Lowe's and knew immediately this is what I wanted. They were the largest washer and dryer on the market. The washer was a top loader which was high on my must have list. The dryer had options for steaming clothes and a special rack for drying shoes. In my mind they were the Cadillac of washer and dryers out there. 

Sounds fantastic, right??? Well the price of this duo was not so fantastic. The washer original price was $1498 and dryer $1498 as well (Lowe's pricing). At Home Depot they were $1498 each. I knew that Branko had no interest in spending that much money on appliances but I also knew that I needed these in my home!

NOW I will tell you how I bought this set and saved myself $1000!!!!!

First stop was Lowe's. The washer was on sale for $1299 and the dryer on sale for $1199. No wheeling and dealing here because nobody was around to help me. 

Next stop, Home Depot. Did you know that Home Depot will match the price and give an additional 10% off. Home Depot had this washer and dryer by chance on the floor (another customer purchased it but didn't measure that they were not standard size and it wouldn't fit in her house.) When I was told this I asked what her best offer was, considering it was technically "used". It had minor scratches on it. Nope. That was the answer no budging on the price. She even tried to convince me to just buy a new set at the same price. I wasn't happy with that so I left.

Third stop, Future Shop. I was pretty firm on my last stop. I walked in, told the guy what I wanted, and that I only wanted to pay $2000 for the pair (originally they cost $3000). I told him what Home Depot was offering me. He hummed and hawed. Then he said, "You are going to buy them today?" I responded, "Yes, and if you give these to me for $2000, I will be back to buy a fridge, stove, and dishwasher"

Yes, this is the state of our Laundry Room. Yes. this is an iPhone picture.


SOLD!!! He even threw in the shipping cost of $50!

Some final thoughts:

1. Don't waiver on your price and stay firm.

2. Know your prices and product, when you are knowledgeable the sales person takes you more seriously. 

3. Try to find a location that has at least 3 different stores in close proximity. (In Brampton @ Bovaird Future Shop and Home Depot are in the same parking lot. Lowe's just down the street).

4. Last but not least be patient. Sales people can be pushy and sometimes really push your last nerve. If you become rude it's a sure thing they won't want to work with you.

Update: the washer/dryer duo are still on sale but for even cheaper now! I am sure you could nab these for $1800!!!


Well Water Maintenance.....Forever Home Update

This is a long overdue post that I've really been wanting to talk about, if you live in the country you more then likely have a well to supply your water. 

There are two different types of wells that we've had experience with, a dug well and a drilled well. The old house had a dug well and the pump mechanism was different then the one at the new house.  

Sooooo back to the beginning, because of all of the renovations at the Forever Home and the fact that we were not living there we had the water turned off. All of the plumbing was going to be changed and moved. Over the horrendous winter we had last year the existing pump cracked (there must have been water left in the system). We didn't think much of it, figured a couple of days before we move in we would buy a new pump and re-connect the system and have water.  

The old pump (as in ancient from the 70's)


Not so fast skipper!!! We quickly found out it wasn't going to be that easy. Because our well was drilled 155ft we needed an extra large pump that wasn't carried at most stores. One day before move in we were frantically calling around when we finally found someone who could order the pump for us. On Friday, the move in day we finished moving all of stuff and then went into action to connect the water pump. 


That was my hashtag for 5 days. 

The water would just not pump out. So we researched A LOT. With the research we discovered we might have a couple of issues. There is a small valve at the bottom of your hoses at the bottom of your 155 ft well.  


ask me how heavy 2 - 155 ft hoses are???!!!!! So heavy that we had to hook them up to the bobcat to pull them out. 

That black stuff on the bottom is Iron build up

Once we pulled out the hoses we discovered they were fully encased in this black stuff (iron build up).  

Hurray!!!!!!! We thought we solved the problem. Cleaned everything, bought new parts and dropped the hoses back into the hole.  

A not so happy husband, with Iron build up on his head. That's a new valve at the bottom with no more Iron


Yup, you read the correctly. What could be the issue now, no water in the well?? a kink in the hose letting air in?? Shit, Shit, shit we have to pull the hose out again. 

Ummmmmmm not a chance you would catch me down there especially at night


By the time Tuesday came around we called 3 well maintenance companies none of which called us back. We spoke with our parents and co-workers hoping somebody could tell us where we might be going wrong plus a ton more research on the internet. Tuesday morning Branko read somewhere that your pump needs a valve that should be only half way open. Ummmmmmm he knew we did not have this valve on the pump so he called the company immediately and asked about it. 

The response: "ohhhhhhhhh ya, you def. need that valve or else you will NEVER get water"  

Isn't this a fitting quote

Hope you learned something here! If you have any well issues feel free to leave a comment below, I am certainly no expert but sure did learn a lot. 



Forever Home Update - 3 Days to Move In

I've been absent around here for good reason. We have a million different things happening and on most days I don't know which way my head is spinning. 

We move in 3 days to the Forever Home...THREE FREAKIN DAYS. The small problem is we still don't have water. I believe magic will happen and by Friday water will be running. If not I feel sorry for my co-workers on Monday morning.  


Current state of the house. 

More exciting news is we bought a new car!!! Yes, in all of our madness we had to buy a new car because sadly my veggie running car died. We had enough. This is where you guys come in to help me out!! All of you gas paying drivers which credit card do you prefer for collecting points? I am thinking about signing up for a PC Financial card since I shop for most of my groceries at Zehrs (country version of Loblaws/Superstore) 


2014 Passat 

Dream Garage Re-build is in full effect!! The roof has been restructured and put back up. If you are new here and wondering why it was put BACK up read this post


Can you spot me???? 

Can you spot me???? 

Check back next week as lots of things will be going on around here!!! 

Dream Garage Re-build

Last year we started on one of the biggest projects over at the Forever Home. I named it the "The Dream Garage". Branko has worked all of his life really hard to save his money in hopes that one day he would have the garage of his dreams to ensure his classic cars were safely stored.

Picture from last year. Dream Garage 

When that day came last year I was over joyed for him. You see Branko is a child of war. His family ran from war torn former Yugoslavia when he was 11 years old. I can not even imagine what those days were like but I truly believe those moments in his life and the upbringing by his parents shaped him into the hard working man he is known to be. 

The Dream Garage was in full swing starting in late August planned to be finished by early November. We worked hard, we paid a couple of guys to help and in a little over a months time the garage was up. We were only missing the plywood on the roof when this happened. You can read the story in that link and imagine how I felt, like my heart was ripped out of me. Not for my pain but his. It was something he had worked so damn hard to have and then it was destroyed in minutes. 

Picture from last year. Dream Garage

The time is now that we re-build this beautiful structure!! It was mangled and I really believed it was going to be much more difficult. But with some help of amazing friends we started on the re-build over the weekend. The plan was to work Sat and Sun but because of the rain forecast we only worked on Saturday. 

Here is a small progress picture that I will share. Make sure you keep checking back in the coming weeks as more updates will be happening! 

Next weekend we continue on the garage all weekend then we have two weeks of working on the Forever Home. Long weekend will be dedicated to the Dream Garage again then 15 days to move in date! 

OH HEY - One last little look......(Branko worked all day Sunday on Forever Home Electrical)

The panel has been officially moved and 2 circuits have been set up, we will set up an appointment for safety on Monday and hopefully have power next Wed!!! 

As of tomorrow we are 30 days from move in date to the Forever Home!!!! Stay tuned as the blog will be busy in the next couple of weeks with many updates! 

Today I Take One Step Slower

My new mantra: "Today I take one step slower"

This is real life - no filters, cropping, not even a sweep of the floor 

 My stress levels went through the roof the other day thinking about the days left we have to move into the Forever Home. We are down to 38 days as I write this post. 

We went from hoping we could have all of the drywall done to let's just get electrical working in the important rooms and plumbing into the main bathroom and kitchen. 

I realize that I cannot stress any more because I need to be grateful for what is in store for us. We have our health, our happiness and after Aug 15th we will be one home owners. That in itself is enough to be thankful and count our blessings every day. 



The art of trespassing

Trespass  - is an area of tort law broadly divided into three groups: trespass to the person, trespass to chattels and trespass to land.

As you know (or might not know) we bought a new home with 50 acres of land. We have 2 streets that we can use to access the land.

One street is the main street with a driveway that curves up a hill to the house. We also created a smaller driveway going towards the bush where in which we thought we were going to use for the dream garage. 

If you look to the far right you can see a driveway going towards the opposite way. 

The second street is a smaller dead end street, but you can access our walking trails if you continue to the end of that street. 

Our first trespasser was our "friendly" old neighbor. Who told us that for the last 10 years she had been hiking on our property. She shared with us how she liked to cut down small trees and that she had yearly hiking parties with her lady friends from the city. We kindly told her she had to stop because we own the land now and don't want anybody to get hurt back there - she stormed off and never talked to us again. 

Our second trespasser were dirt bikers. Last year we caught them as they thought that our front lawn would be fun to ride on. We chased them down in our car, caught up to them as they were on the side of the road about 8 km away trying to load up their bikes. We took their licence plates and kindly advised them they better not ever think of coming back. 

Our third trespasser was a couple. We work at the Forever Home all day and then go to the old house to take breaks(they are about 1.5 km away from each other). Saturday night around 8 pm (still broad daylight) we drove back to the Forever Home to make sure we put all the tools away and locked everything up. You can imagine our shocked faces when we pulled up and started driving towards the house to see something happening in the other driveway. What is that!!!!! Oh yes that is some guys bare ass hanging out for every passer by on the street to see and the girl on the trunk of the car (as I am writing this I can just imagine if people driving by thought it was US the new owners of the house under construction!!) I'm not sure what was going through that girls mind when we stopped the car and got out because she held her legs up for a good 5secs after. They jumped into their own car not without hearing me yell get there licence plate I'm calling the police. 

This story gets better......

We locked up and left to go home...ummmmmmmmmmmm the idiots parked in the  next neighbors drive way to get dressed. We blocked them in and Branko got out to have a conversation with them. It ended up being they were friends with the first home owner on the street and was having a party. Guess they felt the need to get away for a couple of minutes. We know that home owner fairly well so we went over the next day and had a little chat with him. 

You know how the saying goes: "Third times a charm" 


Do you have a story to tell me of your own art of trespassing adventure??? How do you deal with trespassers? We have yet to lay any charges but let it be known that we won't hesitate if we catch somebody again. 


Forever Home Update - 60 days

We have 60 days left before we have to move to the Forever Home. 

Over the weekend we started the build of the new front deck...(more on that on another post but here is a quick look) 

Things we changed - widened it by 3 ft on each side, lengthened it by 2 ft, and added 4 pillars that will be clad in stone. 

In reality we probably should be a lot more worried but for some reason we have this slow pace to our work days. 

Things we need to do:

  1. Complete the fascia and eaves troughs
  2. Finish protective wrap on the outside 
  3. Insulate the floor in the additions
  4. Screw down the joists in both additions
  5. Install the stairs in the new location
  6. Move the electrical panel
  7. Re-wire the old part of the house and start wiring for new additions
  8. Finish plumbing in old part of house and start plumbing in additions
  9. Foam in all the windows and doors
  10. Dry wall entire house
  11. Tape, Mud, and sand (the only thing we are paying for) 
  12. Move all of our stuff to the new house 

I think I missed a lot of steps but I would rather not have a complete breakdown as I write this.

I accept free help.