Saturday Love

Today's post is dedicating all of my love for my sweet little boy who turned one yesterday. 

1 day old

I don't know how the time has flown by so quickly and as the saying goes I wish he could stay little forever. 

2 weeks old

I question my parenting skills so many times in a day but when he flashes me that big grin for no reason it reminds me that I must be doing something right. 

4 months

7 months

9 months

11 months

12 months

To my Dominik, I will love you till the day I die and beyond. 

Saturday Love

My first Mother's Day has passed but I still have my eye on this really cute "mama" ring. I love that this shop is Canadian, you can buy online or at their two stores

Mother's Day adventure included tree shopping. 

I purchased this face masque on a whim. I have always been a Kiehl's fan. This one comes in a smaller container which was only $20. 

Old Navy is my go-to store for dresses that fall below the knee but not to my ankles. I wouldn't mind trying on this chambray dress and this creme coloured dress. 

I recently bought these Nike sandals. I am obsessed with Nike sandals and buy a new pair almost every year. 

Crossing our fingers we can visit our favorite vacation spot of all time Venice, Florida. I am longing the quiet beaches, outdoor shopping and slow days. 

DIY Deck Build - Part 2

If you saw last weeks post about our DIY Deck Build you will notice the title has changed! HAHA we are crazy like that, just accept it OK. 

We changed the deck to be all one level for a couple of reasons. The first being Branko made the footings a bit too high.....OOOOOPPPPSSSIEEEEE. Oh well it actually turned out for the better. I explained it all over on snap chat. If you follow me (danicak1) you will know that we figured the second level would have been a hazard. It was one long step down that ran the entire length of the additional deck portion, people may miss it and fall. Not a big fall but probably enough to sprain an ankle. Our parents are old (shhhhhhhh don't tell them we said that) and we have a baby. HUGE baby hazard! 

On a visit to Home Depot to buy deck supplies Dominik agreed with my thoughts! 

Anyways now that I am done explaining all of that lets get into week two of the deck build! Since my last post all of the footings were poured. Branko and I managed by the grace of God to put in the support beam running across the posts. I should have snapped a picture of what Branko was standing on. Home builder fail! I was standing on a sloped hill that is all sand. Branko put his side in first and he yells at me "are you OK?" YA I got this hun! HAHA when I was thinking holy f**k I am going to drop this beam on my head any second now. Don't worry the baby was safe on the deck. Watching all of this go down. 

Once all of that was over with Branko installed all of the joists and some blocking. 

Next step we need to finish the blocking and put down gravel on the underlay that we placed under the deck so the weeds. We are hoping to have that all done this week and once the weekend arrives the deck board will go down. 

View from the back yard area

As usual I will leave you with a little video update of how this is how looking! I am still working on creating videos. For now I have been adding music as an overlay and working on being more confident on talking in my video's! It really is a lot more difficult then I thought it would have been. 

DIY Two Level Deck Build - Part 1

When living in the country a large deck is always an added bonus. We plan on spending many summer days and evenings outside. In order to achieve max comfort for us and any guests we have over we wanted to ensure we had enough room with different lounging areas.  

I used the Lowe's deck design planner to provide a basic idea of what the deck will look like. 

Once you walk up the stairs you will face the main entrance to the house. This area is all covered by the roof that over hangs. If you go right and walk around the corner that is no longer covered until you reach the point where the deck extends out. Almost across from where the deck extends out is a door walking in to the kitchen and a large picture window looking onto the deck. We hope to have a TV on that back wall with outdoor furniture to catch baseball games during the summer outside. 

This is the view when you walk out the kitchen door and look right. 

Here you can see the kitchen door on the long wall. The short wall is where the TV will hang. The extended part of the deck will go from that first post all the way to the wall and out towards the forest.  New outdoor furniture is needed in this spot! 

The extended part will be a step down and reach over a hill this looks into our back yard. The sunset is really amazing back here during the summer. This area will have our BBQ, dining table, hammock, and some lounge chairs. The extended area is fairly large 23x19. From the extended area we will have steps to walk into the back yard and towards an outdoor fire pit area. 

The view from below. Our house is on a hill. We created that entire back yard in this picture by cutting all the trees back. They used to reach the very back of the house.

At this point we have all of the footings poured to hold the deck. Hopefully by the end of next week the deck boards will all be down. 

Below is a small video that I created to give you a better idea this all looks! 

Saturday Love

We are adding to our deck this weekend, safe to say my mind is all on outdoor living. This Ohio Lakehouse has the most beautiful porch. 

Leon's has a new line of patio furniture and this Jonathan Patio Daybed is amazing! I can picture Branko, Dominik, and myself all cuddled up watching sunsets all summer long on that piece. 

Since creating a YouTube channel for the blog I have been lusting over this Canon Point and Shoot Camera. 

Renovating a home with a baby can definitely be a challenge on some days. I have been keeping these baby food packs from PC Organics in the house. I am happy with the ingredients and he seems to love the long line of flavors available. 

I joined the wild world of snap chat. Many of my favorite bloggers have joined & I love the "real life" factor that it provides. Find me at "danicak1", once added I will appear as CountryChicReno. 

Next week I hope to have a YouTube video for you of our deck build and a blog update on the house! 

Hope you have a great weekend!

Saturday Love

I LOVE waking up Saturday mornings and reading blog posts, news, catching up basically. Saturday morning is my quiet time with my coffee.

Hopefully what I can bring is a look into a part of my little world other than building a home. It might be products I am loving or lusting, recipes that I have been testing out, inspiring home photos, new apps or social media platforms that I enjoy and maybe some baby tips(don't worry I won't bombard you with baby stuff!) 

I will always try to keep it short and sweet! 

I purchased this jacket from Lululemon almost 2 years ago and they still have it as part of their jacket line. It has been the most complimented jacket I have ever owned. It also washes really well so you don't have to worry about the light colour. 

This recipe for Easy Garlic & Herb Vegan Cheese is amazing!!!! Only 8 ingredients, delicious and easy to make! I found the Minimalist Baker through Erin Ireland who I discovered through Jillian Harris! You should check them all out!! 

Meagan from Row House Nest talked all about how to grow your pinterest account. 

A post that reflects on the positive side of Social Media. 

To leave you off for this morning, the below photo is from the home of Jeanne and Paul Moseley of Montana(that is all I could find out) It is what I hope and dream my DIY fireplace will look like one day. 


Hope you all have a great weekend!!!