Before Photos of the Forever Home

True story behind the Forever Home. When we had our second visit and Branko said "this is the house" I really want to buy this house. I cried. I felt like it was too much for us, we were looking for something where the inside needed some updating. Not a 70's wallpaper and wood filled home. 

So without further waiting here I share with you the very first pictures I took of the Forever Home. Missing is the full bathroom and bedrooms which makes me sad but at that time I had no intention of wanting to live here never mind writing a blog about how much I now love it here. 

The outside. this was a 70's Viceroy Bungalow Home

The kitchen, the main bathroom was to the left and a powder room to the right. Beside the powder room was the entrance of the house. 

The dining room across from the kitchen and stairs going to the basement. The steps were so dangerous since the entrance of the house was right at the top of the stairs. 

Looking into the living room from the kitchen corner. 

View across the house from the entrance of the house. If you look straight ahead on the right you can see the hallway to the bedrooms

The powder room. All tile and wallpaper. 

The living room. That door on the right was the main bathroom. The tub was green and the toilet was purple. Right in the middle of the house beside the kitchen. Very weird. Also, behind that wall is a very tiny bedroom. 

The view outside sitting on the couch. This view sold the house. 

I wish I had more pictures of the bedrooms, bathroom and backyard. Sadly I don't. The foundation of the home still stands but everything else we took down. Follow along on here and on Instagram for an update of what we have done! 

Easy Avocado Black Bean Tacos

Bringing to you today one of the easiest recipes you will ever make!!! Can I even call this a recipe??? With our house being under renovation I have a hard time finding the motivation to cook anything. I am working with one outlet in the kitchen that is tied to the range. My dishes are scattered everywhere. 

I've been on a big avocado black bean kick lately, basically eating them in everything! Today I bring you the easiest Avocado Black Bean Taco you will ever make! 

The ingredients are so basic. 1 Box of taco shells(I found these fun dish taco shells in the states but we have something similar in Canada). 1 can of Black Beans. Salsa of your choice. A chipotle or hot sauce. Nutritional yeast to bring some cheese flavour, and Avocado of course! That's It!!! You can add lettuce and tomatoes for some added veggies! Watch the video below to see how easy they came together! 

Hope you try them out! 



Saturday Love

Today I bring to you the American Saturday Love version! I am so jealous of all of the things you can buy in the states that are not available in Canada. 

I have tried these Chobani flip cups before but they have come out with some new flavours! 

You can find Annie's popcorn here in Canada, but we never get the unique flavours like the S'mores or BBQ. If you find the Sweet BBQ buy several bags, it's that addicting! 

Larabars have been a favorite of mine for some time and I have been hoping the mini's would come to Canada but I haven't found them yet! I grabbed a box PLUS these Chocolate Macaroons bites! 

I love my morning cereal, when I saw this Special K Chocolate Almond I knew I had to pick it up! 

Lastly, whenever we head out for the day I always through some baby food packs in my bag for Dominik. I love the limited ingredients in these Beech Nut Baby Food jars plus they came in the cutest little glass jars! 

Do you have any favorite American purchases that you can't find in Canada??? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!  

Summer Nights

Stopping in to share a quick post today on our outdoor space that we have been slowly working on. If you follow along on Instagram you know that we built our very own outdoor furniture that we absolutely love! We haven't had a chance to finish staining some of the pieces yet, so that still needs work. 

We also put up the TV last week, Branko has been waiting all summer to watch his beloved Blue Jays while sitting outside. Even though the days have been really warm the evenings are still nice and breezy. Beyond our DIY Deck we have 50 acres of forest when the trees sway it sounds like ocean waves. 

We have been taking it easy with all of this heat but Branko will be starting on the Geo-thermal soon and he finally moved everything in its proper place in our mechanical room. 

Hopefully I will be back soon with some good updates about Geo-thermal successfully being installed on our third try! Fingers Crossed!! 



Saturday Love

We purchased two old church doors for $100 almost three years ago to use as our main entrance doors. I came across this Instagram account that has so many beautiful photos including these doors which is so inspirational to me! Go follow this account now! 

I have a couple events coming up and I am looking forward to wearing this dress from the LOFT. 

If you are like me and suffer from GUT problems you will try anything. I caved and bought this drink. The verdict is that it's not that bad! It tastes exactly like dill pickle! 

I recommend these swaddlers to everybody and also love giving them as baby shower gifts. 

Exterior Stone Detail

In about a week we will be going to pick out the stone for our home. I've been looking at stone companies and inspirational pictures for at least a year now so I have good idea of what I really want and I don't want. I love larger pieces of stone and tend to steer away from small ledger like stone. I prefer the rough look of stone and also want to see mortar in between.

All of the photos below were gathered from StoneRox which is one of the companies we are considering buying all of our stone from. We will also use this stone for our fireplace inside our house and will be sticking to the grey tone. 

The last picture is what we are gearing towards. Once the stone is picked out I need to pick a paint colour for the board and batten. If you read this post about our exterior plans you will know that I am still wavering on this as well! It is important that the colours don't look bland together or blend into each other too much. 

Do you have any tips on buying stone or favorite color tones?? Please feel free to share in the comments below! 

Tips for Home Renovation with a small child

Building a home with a small child can be one of the most challenging parts of building this home. Some days when I see Branko working alone I wonder what he is thinking about, is he lonely, tired? In our first home we built everything together from putting up all of our own drywall and installing all the hardwood flooring. We even pulled all of the electrical wire together. 

Things are much different now. We have a one year old which brings all kinds of new adventures. Don't get my wrong, he is the joy of our lives. Everything we are doing is for his future. We have had to become strategic on how to work around his schedule. Today I wanted to share with you some tips on how you can still build your dream home with a baby. 

1. Early mornings and Late Evening have been the best times for us to work. Figure out your babies schedule and when they seem to be OK to have play time on their own. 

Our early mornings usually greet us with these beautiful sunrises. 

2.  Finding one toy that can keep them occupied for a bit of time. Dominik had a jumper that he loved. If we were walking around and working he was highly entertained by just watching us.

4. Work during nap time. If what we were doing was fairly quiet we would try and get work done during his nap. We had a great baby monitor and would keep our eye on him. But we would utilize this time when the work that needed to be done required two people. 

5. Clean, clean, clean. Air quality is important for small children and adults. I try to keep the floor and counters clean of dust. 

6. We use a lot of different tools that are easily turned on by hitting the trigger button. It's important to keep all your tools stored away in a different room that is not accessible to your child. 

7. Lastly, try not to stress. Chances are your small baby won't remember these days of renovation. Even though you may have tones of work to get done remember that putting away quality time with your little one is most important. We have had many days where we didn't do anything at all but spend all of our time making family memories. 

I am hoping at the end of day this post and following our journey will give you encouragement that you can do what ever it is you set your mind too. We are living proof of this, as you can see.